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 Lighting for your Phoenix Landscape Design

Let’s talk about lighting for your Phoenix Landscape Design

A Phoenix Landscape Design has a completely different look at night. It becomes a totally different animal and must be treated as such. You can really put certain areas of the project on stage here.

I get really excited about lighting, yes I do have a life. It’s just that I think of how different I can make the landscape design appear at night. There is so much cool stuff out there to use. I am talking about lights with specifics, types of bulbs, beam spreads, wattage and filters.

What I seem to pay most attention to is the light bulb. Will I spec halogen, LED or xenon. Each has its own specific use and place in a Phoenix landscape design.

I have been at many seminars and I have had the opportunity to pick the brains of quite a few lighting technicians. I do not get so deep in the drop down in voltage as a tech might. I do look at the watts in comparison to the transformer output. To get into the amount of hubs, where to place them and even whether or not to use them would mean that we are at the point of really dialing in on the project. This can be a cost turning point. When you get here it is way beyond the point of Malibu. Oh my God, Malibu, Who would spec putting Malibu in your Phoenix landscape design?

I don’t want to dis Malibu. However consistency is important. When you spec out Malibu lights the contractor will head to Home Depot. Not all Home Depots carry these lights. They only use halogen bulbs. Why do they inflict these limits? This can hinder the project, but in all fairness they are cost effective.

Enough about Home Depot and Malibu Lighting, I don’ want to get off tract. So back to what this is supposed to be about, lighting for your Phoenix landscape design.

I generally use halogen to light up plants, things that are soft and green. I use LED to light up tall specimens lilt saguaros and some trees. On larger trees I may use halogen spots with a down light in the canopy. For hardscapes I accent with xenon with a filter, a wall wash light is a good complete package for hardscape lighting. That means you have the xenon bulb and filter included in the fixture.

Having options with knowledge of what has worked in the past is a plus. Though, it just never becomes stale, you think it might. But it doesn’t.

Let’s talk about path lights. Someone once told me to place path lights 6 to 8 fret apart. Why not look beyond the light spread. Take a look at the surrounding lights and what they add. A properly placed accent light can accomplish so much.

So before this starts to sound like a religious experience, let’s just say you need to experiment with the lighting. The final lighting adjustments should be done at night. Keep in mind that 110 lighting will negate any 12 V lighting.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a lighting demo or seminar, you should. FX Lighting and Vista are among the best that I have attended. They are also great if you just need a little guidance in lighting you Phoenix landscape design.



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