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How or Why use a Landscape Designer.

Let me take this title one step further and ask why the question why use an independent landscape designer to plan a residential landscape design over one that works for a landscape design build company.

Most “landscape designers” that work for landscape design build companies are sales people. That in itself is not bad. However it does limit you you’re your residential landscape design. These “designers” can only design as to what their construction crew can build. An independent designer will have fewer restrictions and even more resources then the designer that works for a construction company. When I am at a cross road with building concerns on a residential landscape design, I have the option of call multiple contractors that I work with to get their input. Even after I have completed the design and send a residential landscape design out to bid, I am always open to their opinions. If I were not an independent landscape designer, I would not be able to pursue these outside opinions.

Designers and construction but heads at times, now that can be an understatement when dealing with residential landscape design. It happens more often than you would think. Both want to look good in the eyes of their superiors. From time to time construction alters the designers plan and not because there is better way of doing it. Many times it is because they want to end the job quicker to move on to the next one or just realize a greater profit. Keep in mind that when the designer is not affiliated with the construction companies this is not going to happen. The designer will catch the change and confront the construction supervisor with no worries of repercussions from the construction company’s owner.

That’s not to say that when the project is being built that changes should not be made. Sometimes events dictate that a change must be made. All I am saying is that changes must be made for the right reasons and should be a collaboration. After all that’s what you’re paying for.

Now let’s focus on how to use a landscape designer for your residential landscape design. The design will be a collaboration of what you want and the designer’s experience of what is feasible. This will include keeping in touch with the cost and practicality factor. Do not expect to get it right on the first go around. In fact do not be surprised if it may take three or revisions before you can say yes that’s it. Of course if you are on your third or fourth revision with your residential landscape design and don’t seem to be any closer to your dream landscape design, you need to find out why. The designer may not understand what you want or you may not be reading the plan correctly. Designers work with plans everyday where as a homeowner may be involved with a landscape plan maybe once or twice in their lives.

As the plan progresses you should be asking your designer why this is done like this and why that will be done that. Why is this the better way that doing it like this? You need to understand the designers’ thought process. Do not just look for a pretty picture or you may be disappointed with the completed project.

Residential landscape design is definitely a process.


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