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How to Start a Landscape Design.

How to Start a Landscape Design.

I will tell you how I start my Phoenix landscape designs and maybe this will help you if you want to try doing your own residential landscape design here in the Valley. The first thing I look at is does water sit anywhere?
Does it look like water can go toward the house? I look at the contour of the land and think of what changes I may make if any. Are there any concerns with it?

While I am walking around taking this all in, I am listening. Can I hear any street noise? A few times when I was in Litchfield Park I heard fighter jets; not much you can do here, but it would be really cool to be here at night and see them when the afterburners light up.

Now that I have some basics under my belt, I want to know what the client wants to see. Phoenix landscape designs can vary greatly as do the clients. The way I think about it is, after all they live here, and they will have to look at it every day.  Do they have a dog, are we going to need a dog run or grass. How do they feel about artificial turf? Do they want a desert look or tropical look? Do they want a formal look?  Are they going to do the maintenance themselves, or hire a maintenance company?

I also want to know if there is anything that they want to keep. Is there anything in particular that they want? This means water feature putting green fire place. When a fire pit or fireplace comes up I make sure the client knows the difference.

At this point I have a pretty good idea of what they want or at least what they think they want in there Phoenix landscape designs.

So now if I they have not given me a plot map I create my own. I have it down to a science now. I made up some sample layouts. I pick the one that is closest to that house and fill in the dimensions.

I then walk around and just take pictures. Sometimes when I start drawing something may not look right and I refer to the pictures.

Of course if this is your house you can just outside and look, no need to take pictures here. For me to have to go back to the site because I missed something would just waist time. So I want to be as through as possible. Having these procedures in place really makes things go smother. So if you are planning on doing your own drawing I would at least consider following some of these guidelines.

Now I start to draw my landscape design. It would be great to start the drawing immediately after this, but as you would think something always postpones this from happening. I usually start it within a few days after. When I start the drawing it all start to come back to me.

When I do a drawing I put as much in it as possible to make it complete. I am taking about plants, lighting decking etc. I may even include some details. I want the client have as much of an understanding of what I am proposing as possible. As I said before Phoenix landscape designs can be very diverse.

This will also make it easier for the client to know what changes to make. So even if you are doing this for yourself this would probably work for you also. When looking at a completed plan it would make it easier for you to know what changes you want to make.

So there you have it. That’s how I draw my Phoenix landscape  designs.


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