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Landscape Displays at the Home Show

Landscape Displays at the Home Show
This week there was a home show at Cardinal Stadium put on by Maricopa County Home Show. This is the logical place for one stop shop for pretty much anything. You can find anything from mops to a custom home builder.
The main draw is defiantly the landscape displays. These displays are meant for the landscapers to show off what they can do and how good they can do it. Some of these displays are really over the top. I have actually seen contractors bring in cranes to move boulders for water features and have larger propane tanks for fire features. This is a fabulous place to get landscape design ideas for you own backyard.
The biggest feat to me is designing an award winning display that can be built quickly, inexpensively and can be broken down even quicker than it was to build. It must look great and have that wow factor. This shows a lot of creativity. That’s where I come in, creating interesting ideas into a vignette. The sizes vary from 20 x 20 to 30 x 30.
There are about six shows a year put on by different companies. I have designed booths for several different contractors over the past few years. This weekend I designed a booth for Advant Edge. All the masonry and pavers were from Belgard. The walls and pillars were made from Western Wall dry stack block using no glue. Corner pillars were made from BelAir Wall the BBQ was made out of the Celtic Wall same material. The only change I would have made was to rotate some courses on the BBQ. Using a combination of different block would be another option. I did three different configurations on the walls and they all came out pretty cool. Many people had positive comments on this as an easily built landscape idea.
The decking was a combination of Mega-Bergerac, Mega -Arbel, Mega-Lafitt Old World and a Bergerac Circle. The same method could be done for a client; the only difference would be using glue this time ha.
Another big advantage in using this method and product does not need permits. Cost wise it may be a little less expensive too. An unexpected positive is that after certain features are built they can be dismantled and relocated or simply redesigned.
During the show an exporter from Turkey came by to speak to me about his travertine products consisting of pavers. Coping, tile and walls. The travertine is chiseled and comes in 6″ x 12″ x 4″ for walls and 14″ widths for columns. Custom sizes are also available. The travertine really takes this landscape idea to the next level.
For the next larger display I design for a home show I would want to use this product. I think a BBQ built in travertine would really make a positive statement. One home owner asked me how elaborate my Lego’s were as a kid.
I am so excited about this new product that I am considering building a BBQ in my backyard out of this material. I will let you know how it turns out.


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