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Out Door Furniture Sets In Landscape Design

Out Door furniture Sets in landscape Design

There are many different materials and styles of outdoor furniture sets. You can have rod iron, rattan, plastic, shaped metal, wood, concrete and others not mentioned here. Should I look at furniture that is powder coated? Where do you begin?

Where you begin would probably start with determining how much you want to spend, the style of furniture and what you are going to use the outdoor furniture set for.

What I mean by that is are you looking for table and chair set to eat at. Do you need a sofa and table set up for a conversation area. You may even want a bistro set that will not be used at all and its sole purpose is to be viewed as an accent piece.

The wear ability of outdoor furniture sets that will be used under roof will be of less concern than that which be used in full sun. When outdoor furniture sets is in full or even partial sun in Phoenix the heat the furniture retains is also a large factor in which material to choose.  Sunbrella fabrics and similar fabrics will play a key role in your cushion choice for outdoor furniture sets.

In my back yard I opted for no cushions simply because I did not want to deal with cleaning them or moving the outdoor furniture sets in and out of a storage container when trying to protect them from the sun and dust. If you are sitting there scratching your head over this statement, I understand. I know I am probably over thinking this issue.

I was in Paddock Furniture in Scottsdale looking for an outdoor furniture set when I heard a sales person and her customer discussing the difference of spending $1200.00 on a five piece patio set compared to spending $400.00 on some nice outdoor furniture sets. The sales person said that the more expensive set would far out last the less expensive set of outdoor furniture sets. The customer answered yes but I would be able to buy two or three of the less expensive outdoor furniture sets. The sales person’s answer was yes but you will always have a $500 outdoor furniture set. It made sense to me and to the customer also, since she ended up buying the more expensive outdoor furniture set. To date, fifteen years, later the outdoor furniture set shows very little wear.

Now, I do not want to give you the idea that I think you should always buy higher end products. I have also purchased white plastic chairs form Albertsons for less than seven dollars. I painted them, one yellow, one purple and one red. I wanted a Tucson look.

As far as the outdoor furniture set I purchased from Paddock, in this particular instance for me, it made sense for me to spend more money. Outdoor furniture sets are to be the focal point. When looking at a bistro set that will be used more as an accent piece, be more concerned with the colors and the artistic advantage it adds to your landscape design than the quality or the craftsmanship.

Sometimes furniture meant to be used indoors can be used as outdoor furniture sets. Usually this will lead to a more weathered look. Of course even furniture meant to be used outdoors will result in a weathered look. To have a more weathered look more quickly. I once painted a few cheap plastic chairs that I purchased from Wal-Mar. I was looking for “The Tucson” in a outdoor furniture set look. I painted the chairs purple and yellow. It defiantly caught your attention. I really like what I refer to as a Tucson look. The very bold purples, yellows and reds I think it are just fun for outdoor furniture sets.

Rattan looking outdoor furniture sets are another popular option here in the desert. True Rattan, a natural product when used in outdoor furniture sets will dry out here in Phoenix. You probably could seal the natural Rattan outdoor furniture set, but then you create an ongoing maintenance. The Rattan looking outdoor furniture sets are usually made of polyurethane that requires no maintenance.


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