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Outdoor Pots For Your Landscape

I love using outdoor pots in my designs. They can be plastic, fiberglass, clay, concrete or glazed. Pots can dress up an otherwise plane wall. Outdoor pots can dimension and height. Even broken pots can add that little something you may be looking for. The result is always instant gratification to the eye. My neighbor [...]

Frost Blankets for Phoenix Plants

Frost Blankets for Phoenix Plants Most newcomers to the valley are surprised that they may need to cover their plants in the winter. Like those of us who have been here for awhile they usually find out watching to the weather one night on TV. The first step is usual heading to home depot or [...]

Landscape Maintenance Company Verses a Landscape Design and Build Company

I want to tell you about what prompted this new blog. I had done a landscape design for a client that lives here only part time.  They have a maintenance company taking care of the property when they are away. When we settled on the finale design and were ready to get started having the [...]

Landscape Design and Construction with Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fireplaces make a great focal point in landscape design. The southwest standard beehive, the mission style, manor style or maybe a combination of two or even three is what you are looking for. Landscape design and construction need to work very closely as these structures get complicated. This has to do with double sided fireplaces, [...]

Granite Or Gravel As The Ground Cover

Here in a Phoenix landscape design most landscapes use granite for the ground cover. Some people refer to it as gravel hence the title but the material itself is actually granite. In other areas of the country mulch, wood chips and plain old exposed dirt is the ground cover of choice. It still surprises me [...]

Annuals In A Desert Landscape Design

I was driving to a job site today and thought about the pansies that I have planted in the large jug pot I have. Last year was the second year of my pansies’ volunteers. I have an octopus agave surrounded by purple and white pansies in front of a large picture window. I like using [...]

Building Structures Out Of Block

Up until recently, meaning with on the past few years, structures were built only out of CMU then stucco and painted. You would also need to build a footer. Sometimes you would see a structure built out of tin and plaster board. That too would be stucco and painted. Now there is another choice which [...]

How or Why use a Landscape Designer.

Let me take this title one step further and ask why the question why use an independent landscape designer to plan a residential landscape design over one that works for a landscape design build company. Most “landscape designers” that work for landscape design build companies are sales people. That in itself is not bad. However [...]

A Residential Landscape Design For An HOA

I have designed several subdivisions for developers and builders. Here I basically followed the Architect’s guidelines. This means the type of trees, plants, gravel or granite, grasses, lighting etc. have already been predetermined for the subdivision. Now, what happens five or six years down the road? What do you do when some plants and grass [...]

Landscape Displays at the Home Show

Landscape Displays at the Home Show This week there was a home show at Cardinal Stadium put on by Maricopa County Home Show. This is the logical place for one stop shop for pretty much anything. You can find anything from mops to a custom home builder. The main draw is defiantly the landscape displays. [...]